Student Academic Services - Montclair State University


An aerial view of Montclair State University's campus.

Student Academic Services

The Student Academic Services unit is a cluster of departments that are dedicated to facilitating student progress and success by offering a variety of pertinent services to students The departments are as follows:

– provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching, programs for at-risk cohorts, advising for specific populations, and coordinates the undergraduate academic standing process. The department also coordinates the Senior Citizen Program, the Unemployment Waiver Program, and works with special populations including adult learners and transfer students.

 – provides quality academic support, leadership development, financial literacy, career enrichment, intentional counseling/advisement, and need-based financial assistance for motivated state residents from underrepresented populations/areas that meet the income criteria and exhibit the potential for high achievement.

Health Career Program – prepares undergraduates for admission to health profession schools and careers in the sciences. This program is designed for highly motivated and academically capable students from financially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Upward Bound – delivers educational opportunities for currently enrolled high school students who come from low-level income families and/or who are potential first-generation college attendees. UB provides fundamental support for participants to succeed in their current level of education as well as preparing them for their pursuit of higher education.